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GEKKO Gondola Robot


Finally: No Bouncing Gondolas Anymore!

  • Working in gondolas is dangerous, especially with high rise bulidings. The robot GEKKO Gondola solves this problem: The lifting platform is fixed to the surface by firm closure. The platform is secured in all three dimensions.
  • The GEKKO Gondola robot guarantees firm closure at all times.
  • The construction relies on the proven technology of all other GEKKO robots.
  • The GEKKO Gondola robot may be supplied with rotating brushes. They ensure a top cleaning due to smooth pressure and the use of demineralised water.
  • The gondola robot is able to work on vertical surfaces.
  • The supply systems of the robot can be integrated in a wide range of existing building maintenance units (BMU).
  • For buildings under construction it's advisable to consider a security and cleaning system by GEKKO Gondola already in the first planning phase.


0 m2/h
cleaining capacity
0'000 m2/ day
max. cleaning surface

Advantages & Benefits

  • Attachment by form closure: better security
  • Gondola may securely move horizontally: improved mobility
  • Robot sucks gondola to the surface: enhanced stability
  • Cleaning power up to 2000 m2 per hour: increased efficiency
  • Operating from gondola: immediate control
Applications & Pictures
Rescue from bouncing gondola... (Bild: James Keivom/New York Daily News)
GEKKO Gondola
 ... secure solution: GEKKO Gondola


The principle of fixation in action with the robot GEKKO Solar Farm

Accident of window cleaners (source: youtube.com)

Dramatic rescue of window cleaners at World Trade Center building (Quelle: youtube.com/ ABC News)

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