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Extraordinary solar plants –
extraordinary cleaning solutions

superb power production in return for cleaning by robot

Fast, clean and safe

Sophisticated architecture –
an extreme cleaning challenge!

automated and discreet cleaning by robot

Fast, clean, safe and discreet

SERBOT: Cleaning Systems for Solar Panels and Building Facades

  • Robots form SERBOT clean solar panels and building facades
  • Robots are powerful, they clean up to 400 m2 per hour
  • A single person is able to clean up to zu 400'000 m2 per year with GEKKO robots
  • Even persistent dirt is perfectly removed
  • No one has to enter dangerous zones
  • SERBOT responds with its products to two disregarded cleaning problems:
  • Owners of photovoltaic systems underestimate power loss caused by dirt
  • Architects and planners think too late on cost-saving facade cleaning
  • SERBOT offers two product lines: Cleaning robots for PV plants, cleaning robots for facades

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