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Maximum Power Output Thanks Cleaning by Robot

Solar plants can be perfectly cleaned by robot
  • Solar panels get dirty and reduce their output - up to 20 % after a year
  • The robot GEKKO cleans them thoroughly - with a performance of 400 m2 per hour.
  • A single person operates it – and cleans more than 400'000 m2 per year
  • Robots are efficient – 4 times more rapid than manual cleaning
  • The payback period is short – less than a year
  • The cleaning person takes no risk – he does not have to climb dangerous roof tops

GEKKO Solar Robot

Solar panels cleaning by robot

Learn more about the the compact cleaner for PV plants on roof tops

GEKKO Solar Farm Robot

Cleaning of utility scale PV plants by robot

Learn more about the the big brother of GEKKO solar, the cleaner for utility scale PV plants

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