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GEKKO Facade Robot


Cleaning Robot for Large Building Facades

  • Architecture made impressive progress in the past, resulting in still fancier buildings. Cleaning technology however remained on the stage of manual working.
  • The robot GEKKO Facade restores this deficit. It's the first commercial robot, which climbs vertical surfaces.
  • The robot guaranties an excellent cleaning due to its rotating brushes combined with the use of demineralised water.
  • The robot with its support system can be integrated in almost all existing building maintenance units (BMU).
  • If a new building is under construction, the cleaning by robot should be considered in the early phase of planning.
  • Robots can be used in different ways: fixed to a building or movable from one object to an other.


0 m2/h
Cleaning capacity
0'000 m2/ day
max. Cleaning capacity (full automated)

Advantages & Benefits

  • Problem solver: suited for hardly accessible surfaces
  • High-Performer: many times faster than by hand
  • Fully automated (option): no cleaning personnel needed
  • Security-expert: the operator has simply to steer, no more manual work
  • Precise cleaner: systematic cleaning due to rotating brush, uniform pressure and demineralised water
  • Discreet worker: does not look into living or bed rooms
Support Systems


GEKKO Facade at work

GEKKO Facade - Brush

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