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Fully automatic, clean and safe

The FESTO Automation Centre in Esslingen, Germany does not just make a statement in architecture. The building owner also points to the future of automation. The entire building envelope is cleaned automatically: by a robot, called GEKKO Facade, which sucks on the glass facade.

This eliminates important disadvantages of conventional cleaning: no disturbance of the user by cleaning personnel, no risky working in a gondola at high altitude, no additional protection during the cleaning phase, etc. The 8500 m2 area is smoothly cleaned in few days. The system works completely autonomously. An electronically controlled roof trolley supplies the robot with energy and demineralized water and secures the whole system. First, the robot learns to know the building envelope and works then autonomously without human intervention by achieving a consistently high cleaning performance and significantly increases the safety of working . With its 400 m2/h of cleaning performance, it also reduces time and costs considerably.

The high flyer GEKKO Facade boosts intelligent solutions to clean building facades automatically. In combination with the energy optimized facade from PRIEDEMANN Building Consultants Berlin, this solution stands for a landmark in innovative achitecture.

Please consult the report in the newspaper XIA , edition 07-09-2016 and the report in SFZZ Zuschaltbar Aktiv - edition 2/2016

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