Doha, Qatar

Panles Doha


The Middle East Region is predestinated for solar power plants, due to its high level of insolation during the year. On the other hand it is a challenging region when it comes to the permanent appearance of sand/dust in the air, combined with very little rain fall. This combination leads to a fast covering of the solar panels and therefore negatively affects the efficiency of the plant.

In tests done in Saudi Arabia some years ago, photovoltaic solar cells left outside for six months lost a massive 40% of their efficiency due to accumulated dust. Other researchers found that even a fine layer of dust can be enough to cause efficiency to drop 10%.

Panles Doha
Heavy contamination with dust and sand does negatively influence the plant efficiency after a short time.
Serbot AG was invited to Doha, Qatar, to prove the efficiency and effectiveness of the solar panel cleaning robot GEKKO Solar. The solar power plant is installed on the roof top of a large building. This plant is the first of its kind in the region, and includes 3,500 square meters of solar panels which covers up to 12.5% of the center’s energy needs across the complex each day.
The GEKKO Solar in action on the roof top installation in Doha, Qatar.
To ensure this energy delivery over time, regular cleaning is required. The today’s method is manual cleaning with brushes (dry). This is very time consuming and the cleaning effect is not satisfactory.

GEKKO Solar will optimize the cleaning of solar panels in many ways:

Effectiveness: The rotating soft brush in combination with deionized water ensures a proper cleaning without strains.

Efficiency: Cleaning capacity of up to 400 square meters per hour (depending on the panel arrangement).

Easy operation: Only one operator is required to control the robot via wireless remote control unit.

The attendees of the product demonstration were impressed about the performance and ease of use of the GEKKO Solar. The responsible operation and maintenance department will decide shortly about the investment in automated solar panel cleaning.

Panels Doha
Before: The panels were completely covered with dust, one month after the last cleaning cycle
Panles Doha
After: The panels are back with 100% efficiency after automated cleaning with GEKKO Solar


GEKKO Solar in action:


Closer look at the kind of soiling: