GEKKO Solar Farm



The GEKKO Solar Farm was developed specifically for the cleaning of large free-field solar parks. The challenge lies in the dimensions. The rows of panels are miles long, which makes an efficient use of cleaning tools a must. Furthermore, even a small layer of dirt leads to large performance losses here.

With a cleaning capacity of up to 2000m2 per hour, GEKKO Solar Farm fulfills this requirement. In addition, thorough cleaning is guaranteed thanks to the proven use of demineralized water combined with multiple rotating brushes.

The width of the cleaning brush can be adapted to the individual installation by fitting the cleaning robot with 3, 4, or 5 brushes. The GEKKO Solar Farm can be used up to an incline of 30°, and can traverse gaps of up to 60 cm.

The operator controls the robot over radio control using a joystick. The optional companion vehicle supplies the robot with electricity, water, and compressed air, and additionally enables transport to, and transfer between, panel rows. This is supported by an integrated crane arm. Different variations of the vehicle are available to suit individual installations.

GEKKO Technology: multiple individually-controlled vacuum feet rotate in a kidney-shape on two different plates. GEKKO attaches itself to smooth surfaces using a vacuum and can move in any direction.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Thorough cleaning thanks to the combination of rotating brushes with demineralized water.
  • Work efficiently with high cleaning performance of up to 2000m2/h
  • Environment-friendly operation thanks to minimal water use
  • Easy control over radio control using a joystick



Video GEKKO Solar-Farm


Application Examples & Pictures

Application Application
Drive to the site Use crane arm to unload the Robot
Application Application
Place the robot on the panel row Clean the complete panel row
That’s it!  
Application Application
Application Application







Number of Brushes 5 4 3
Max. Cleaning Capacity 2'900 m2/h 2'000 m2/h 1'500 m2/h
Max. Speed 7.8 m/min 7.8 m/min 7.8 m/min

Supply Hose

Electricity / Compressed Air / Water 15 m 15 m 15 m

Radio Control

Range 300 m 300 m 300 m


Water Consumption 3.5 l/min 3.0 l/min 2.5 l/min
Operating Voltage 210-230 V 210-230 V 210-230 V
Power Consumption 1.5 kW 1.35 kW 1.2 kW
Air Consumption 180 l/min 180 l/min 180 l/min
Air Pressure 8 bar 8 bar 8 bar


Length 2'276 mm 2'276 mm 2'276 mm
Width (max. Cleaning Width)* 6'800 mm 4'900 mm 3'800 mm
Höhe 820 mm 820 mm 820 mm
Weight 220 kg 210 kg 200 kg

Usage Range

Max. gap width 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm
Max. obstacle height 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Max. Panel incline 30° 30° 30°

* Can be customized


Supply Vehicle & Options

Supply Vehicle Variation 1

Options Options
This All-in-One vehicle is the ideal solution for a mobile cleaning service. The supply unit is built to the platform of any truck. It contains all necessary supply items and the robot can get transported by the same time. This solution is available including truck, or as platform only, to integrate it with the car of your choice. 


Supply Vehicle Variation 2

The cost-optimized vehicle with a pivoting front axle. Can be used if there is enough room between panel rows.

The vehicle is well equipped with a generator, compressor, water tank, and pump. The trailer is part of the System. 


Options Options

Supply Vehicle Variation 3

The efficient vehicle for limited space, and when transfer from one panel row to the next is necessary often. Thanks to the pivoting crane arm, the robot can stay connected to the vehicle, which enables quick transfers.

The vehicle is completely equipped, with a generator, compressor, water tank, and pump. The trailer is also part of the system. 


Options Options

Support for self-built vehicles

In case you intend to build a support vehicle yourself, we will gladly assist you in the selection of suitable components, such as the generator, compressor, etc. 


Cleaning without water

Optionally, air jets can be used instead of water. In this case, the cleaning performance is attained by combining air with a rotating brush. The sand can also be vacuumed off, if needed. 


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