GEKKO Solar was developed specifically for mobile deployment onto roof-mounted installations or smaller free-field plants. Thanks to its compact construction, it is suitable for cleaning companies or plant constructions firms that want to offer a cleaning service for solar installations.
A cleaning capacity of up to 400 m2 per hour makes efficient work possible, and makes sense primarily for large rooftop installations where manual cleaning reaches its limits.

Furthermore, GEKKO Solar convinces with its thorough cleaning thanks to the proven application of demineralized water combined with a rotating brush.

Ideally, GEKKO Solar is supported by a mobile lifting platform, such as a cherry picker, with which the robot can be lifted into the roof. From the platform, the operator controls the robot per radio control using a joystick. The robot is supplied from a support trolley over a 50 m long supply hose.

GEKKO Solar is also suitable for smaller free-field plants, where the panel widths tend to be smaller. This is often the case in so-called solar tracker installations that align themselves to face the sun. In this case, the GEKKO Solar can be equipped with a supply vehicle which allows self-sufficient operation (Integrated water, electricity, and air supply).

GEKKO Technology: multiple individually-controlled vacuum feet rotate in a kidney-shape on two different plates. GEKKO attaches itself to smooth surfaces using a vacuum and can move in any direction.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Work efficiently thanks to high cleaning capacity. Multiples faster than by hand.
  • Increased job safety, since risky roof access is no longer necessary.
  • Thorough cleaning thanks to a combination of a rotating brush and demineralized water.
  • Easy control over radio control using a joystick.


Video GEKKO Solar

Video GEKKO Solar - Simulation steep roof system with cover


Application Examples & Pictures

Operation on a Barn Roof Supply Trolley
Operation on a Barn Roof Supply Trolley
Radio Control
Radio Control using a Joystick Operation on a Industry Roof




Max. Cleaning Capacity 576 m2/h
Max. Speed 9.6 m2/min

Supply Hose

Electricity / Compressed Air / Water 50 m

Radio Control

Range 300 m


Water Consumption 0.5-3.0 l/min
Operating Voltage 210-230 V
Power Consumption 0.8 kW
Air Consumption 100-250 l/min
Air Pressure 8 bar


Length 1'219 mm
Width (max. Cleaning Width)* 1'250 mm
Height 432 mm
Weight 63 kg

Usage Range

Max. gap width 250 mm
Max. obstacle height 30 mm
Max. Panel incline 45°