GEKKO Facade

GEKKO Facade


The enormous technical advancements in the building and construction industry are increasingly seen in the shape of modern buildings. The techniques used to clean these new forms, however, are still the original ones and are usually done by hand.

GEKKO Facade is the first commercially available cleaning robot that can move in all directions on inclined, vertical, or even overhanging surfaces.

It guarantees a high-quality cleaning thanks to a rotation brush in combination with demineralized water.

The system consists of 2 parts: the safety and supply system, and the robot itself. The system can be easily retrofitted to existing buildings. In this case, only the safety and supply system is installed. We will work out the optimal solution depending on the building. For projects constructing new buildings, it makes sense to consider the automated cleaning in the planning stage.

Afterwards, the robot can be used in two ways: either it stays permanently installed on one building, or it gets transferred from one object to the other. This depends on the cleaning interval and the size of the object to be cleaned.

In addition, GEKKO Facade can also be deployed as a mobile cleaning system in combination with a mobile lifting platform (such as a cherry picker). This variation is especially useful for less tall buildings or large indoor areas.

GEKKO Technology: multiple individually-controlled vacuum feet rotate in a kidney-shape on two different plates. GEKKO attaches itself to smooth surfaces using a vacuum and can move in any direction.

The variety of possible applications is as large as the variety of the buildings. We will gladly advise you on your specific project.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Problem solver: can be used in difficult or impossible to access areas of the facade.
  • Work efficiently thanks to high cleaning capacity. Multiples faster than by hand.
  • Fully automated deployment possible, no operator required.
  • Increased job safety, since manual steps are no longer necessary.
  • The operator simply controls the robot, or relies on fully automated operation.
  • Thorough cleaning thanks to a combination of a rotating brush and demineralized water.
  • Absolutely discreet cleaning: an important argument, especially for residential buildings or hotels.
  • Easy control over radio control using a joystick, or fully automated operation.


Video GEKKO Facade

Video GEKKO Facade

Application Examples

GEKKO Facade - Mobile

The ideal solution for cleaning firms that want to offer an efficient, mobile cleaning service.


GEKKO Facade – Gondola Row L

The ideal solution for cleaning concave or convex buildings. Combined with a conventional building maintenance unit.

GEKKO Facade – Gondola Area XL

For large areas. Combined with a conventional building maintenance unit.

GEKKO Facade – Gondola Row XXL

The solution for large buildings with a uniform area. Very high cleaning capacity thanks to a maximum cleaning width. The brush unit is built directly onto the gondola.

GEKKO Facade – Mono Rail Area XXL

This variation is versatile, and is very well suited for fully automated operation. Very high cleaning capacity.




Max. Cleaning Capacity Application dependent. Upon request.
Max. Speed 7.8 m/min

Supply Hose

Electricity / Compressed Air / Water Max. 250 m

Radio Control

Range 300 m


Water Consumption 0.5-1.5 l/min
Operating Voltage 210-230 V
Power Consumption 0.8 kW
Air Consumption 180 l/min
Air Pressure 8 bar


Length 1'217 mm
Width (max. Cleaning Width) 1'383 mm
Height 419 mm
Weight 79 kg

Usage Range

Max. gap width to traverse 250 mm
Max. obstacle height to traverse 40 mm
Max. incline 90°