Building Maintenance Units


Regular maintenance of building facades is an important component in holistic building maintenance. On the one hand, the access system provides the best possible security, access, and work efficiency to the maintenance staff; on the other hand, it meets the high standards of aesthetics.

Serbot gladly takes up this challenge and provides building access systems in all variants that are always building-specific with long-term considerations and utmost security. More than 30 years of experience and more than 800 references worldwide are incorporated into our day-to-day work. From consulting, development, and project management to operation and service – our application specialists are happy to help you.

Depending on the project, the solution will be different and consist of different components:

Roof Trolley / Craddles
Fixed or adjustable jib
Telescopic jib
Craddle with pantograph

Rail systems
Hooked, anchored, etc.
On concrete strips with rail system
Turntables, switches, rotary plates

Additional winches for glass replacement
Parking positions / Lifting platforms

Serbot is worldwide unique in being able to widen the cleaning concept with the automatic cleaning system GEKKO Facade. It can be used either in combination with the access system or as a standalone solution depending on large or difficult-to-access facade surfaces that have to be cleaned. Especially if a high frequency of cleaning is needed, an automated solution makes economic sense. The Serbot application specialists are happy to help you.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Solution-oriented: Wide range of possible solutions through many years of experience in access systems. Worldwide references.
  • Economical / Sustainable: Holistic approach so that maintenance can be carried out economically for years to come.
  • Safe: The top priority is the safety of the operating personnel. Strict compliance with the popular and latest standards is self-evident.
  • Efficient: Requirement-related solutions to ensure that all maintenance can be handled as rapidly as possible.
  • Automation: Depending on the type of the building, the access systems can be combined with the unique GEKKO Facade cleaning system. This enables automated cleaning of individual parts of the building or the complete facade.



Serbot Type FA – BMU with fixed jib

Access systems with fixed jibs are ideal if no obstacles, barriers etc. are present on the roof. It is also the most economical solution for buildings with simple geometries. The jib length is optimally designed for the building and an extension of up to 25m or more is possible.

ABB Konex, Baden, Switzerland Laroche Labor 41, Basel, Switzerland
Basildon Hospital, London, England Office Building, Brisbane, Australia


Serbot Type WA – BMU with see-saw jib

Access systems with a see-saw jib are necessary when roof structures, railings, balustrades etc. are to be driven or pivoted over. Serbot preferably builds single jibs with V-noses instead of double jibs. This guarantees the cradle is able to drive parallel to the facade up to the outermost corner of the building.

Airport Kloten, Switzerland Klinik Schlössli, Switzerland
Prisma Frankfurt, Germany Brisbane Square, Australia


Serbot Type TA – BMU with telescopic jib

The telescopic jib is used, for instance, if corners are difficult to reach. It is quite possible that 70% of the building can be reached with a fixed jib, but the rest might not. At best, only one runway in the middle of the building is possible, and not peripherally. Here, too, the telescopic jib comes into play. In addition, if the space is narrow in the parking position, or a lifting platform is used, this solution serves the purpose.

Sony Center Berlin, Germany Blandonnet Genf, Switzerland
Axel Springer, Berlin, Germany Dockland, London, England


Serbot Type KN – BMU with articulated jib

The access system with articulated jib is a special solution and allows gripping around subsidiary structures such as staircases etc. The articulated jib is a good example of the creativity and solution-oriented approach of Serbot engineers.

Community Hospital Baar, Switzerland Community Hospital Baar, Switzerland
Community Hospital Baar, Switzerland Community Hospital Baar, Switzerland


Serbot Type SO – Special version

The application developers of Serbot are known for their solution-oriented approach, combined with an economic foresight. Today, there are almost no bounds on architecture. This often requires a special version to ensure access to the facade safely and efficiently. Here, Serbot can rely on many years of experience with many specialized applications. Try us!

UBS Basel, Switzerland
Pantographtype craddle with 4 point fîxation for increased stability (reaches recesses up to 2.5 m)
Radisson Blue, Frankfurt, Germany
BMU used on a curved structure. Craddle is guided on a rail, winch istalled on the roof.
Office Building Thurgauerstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland
Lifting table to park the BMU in the lover level
Rolex Chenbourg, Geneva, Switzerland
BMU with integrated cleaning device. Cleaning the gap between double glazing.


Depending on the requirements, a wide range of rail systems, turntables, switches, and rotary plates are available.

Laid on rail system on a flat roof Laid on rail system during installation and Setup
Concrete runway with guiding rail Rotary wheel on a guiding rail to keep trolly on track
Fix installed rail system, elevated Switches
Rotary plates – optimal weight distribution, space
saving, minimized jib length
Automated turning of rotary wheel.


Buildings higher than 40m require a guidance for the cradle or a guidance for the suspension ropes. Different solutions are possible.

Guidance for the suspension ropes, every 20m, hocked to the facade Detailed view of a locking pin
Locking pin will be placed every 20m. Depending on the building height, different numbers of locking pins are carried.
Cradle guided on a rail. Rail integrated in the facade. Detail of a facade profile with integrated guiding rail.
Carriage for rail guiding – insterted in to rail Carriage for rail guiding – in place