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The FESTO Automation Centre in Esslingen, Germany does not just make a statement in architecture (xia magazine “Intelligent Architecture” issue 04-06/16). The building owner also points to the future of automation. The entire building envelope is cleaned automatically: by a robot: the GEKKO Facade, SERBOT AG, Switzerland, which sucks on the glass façade. This eliminates important disadvantages of conventional cleaning: no disturbance of the user by cleaning personnel, no risky working in a gondola at high altitude, no additional protection during the cleaning phase, etc.

The 8500 m2 area is cleaned in one day. The system works completely autonomously. An electronically controlled roof trolley supplies the robot with energy and demineralized water and secures the whole system. First, the robot learns to know the building envelope and works then autonomously without human intervention by achieving a consistently high cleaning performance and significantly increases the work safety. With its 400 m2/h of cleaning performance, it also reduces time and costs considerably.

It is possible to work on a smooth façade using the so-called GEKKO principle. Several suction cups, similar to an inverted cup, are placed on a semicircle in the form of a D, or its mirror image, can be moved on this semicircle. They can be individually lowered and fixed on a smooth surface. If the cups are tightened on the periphery and then moved along the half-circles, the robot rotates. If they suck on the straight line, the robot moves forward.

The “highflyer” GEKKO Façade gives new impulses for intelligent automation of the cleaning of façades. Together with the energy-optimized façade, engineered by PRIEDEMANN Building Envelop Consultant Berlin, Germany, the solution speaks the language of a future-oriented architecture.

Read here as well the reports (in German): Bericht XIA Zeitschrift, Ausgabe 07-09-2016 and Bericht SFZZ Zuschaltbar Aktiv - Ausgabe 2/2016



News 2014

June 2014 – Serbot at Intersolar 2014 in Munich

The total area of solar panels installed globally grows by a double-digit factor every year, resulting in a strong demand for maintenance services. For this reason, it is not surprising that the Serbot automatic cleaning device received a lot of attention. Many companies have recognized the problem of dirty solar panels and have entered into the business of cleaning photovoltaic arrays. Serbot provides the tools for this, the GEKKO Solar automatic cleaning system being one example (see images below).
Once again, Serbot was a part of the most important global fair of the solar industry. Being co-exhibitor of Belectric - a global leader in the solar sector - a good company positioning was reached.

Intersolar 2014  Intersolar 2014 


May 2014 – Automatic photovoltaic array cleaning – GEKKO Solar cleaning service now also available in the Netherlands

Eppo Bieckart, from Ebel Solar Clean has successfully used a manual, pole-based system for solar panel cleaning. This is a useful tool for small, easily accessible panel areas. With increasing array size, especially those found on farms, this system reaches its limits. Eppo Bieckart recognized this, for which reason he extended his selection of tools for solar panel cleaning with an automatic system - the GEKKO Solar by Serbot. Using this system, he now offers efficient and thorough cleaning of large and strongly soiled photovoltaic arrays. The images show the training and entry into service of the automatic cleaning system for photovoltaic arrays
Ebel Ebel


May 2014 – GEKKO Solar cleaning service now available in France – Large feed-in compensation in France increases need for photovoltaic arrays and their maintenance

France covers 80% of its energy demand with nuclear power. Currently, a change of thinking is taking place and the state is promoting renewable energies with a large feed-in compensation. This results in the construction of large photovoltaic arrays that also need to be serviced regularly.
In May 2014, the first two GEKKO Solar systems were shipped to France – to date, large panel areas have been cleaned successfully. The image on the left shows Kirch Energies Nouvelles' GEKKO Solar system in action. The image on the right shows Performance Nettoyage Services system in use on a free-field system, which is also possible with the GEKKO Solar system.


April 2014 – The era of professional cleaning of photovoltaic arrays has arrived- Founding of PV Reinigung Höft in Hamburg

The young entrepreneur Christoph Höft recognized the opportunities in the solar market today: After years of a gold rush for the installation of photovoltaic arrays, the time for the professional maintenance of these systems has arrived.
Based on this, Mr. Höft founded his company “PV-Reinigung-Höft” and purchased a GEKKO Solar system by Serbot. The images show the training and operation of the automatic cleaning system for photovoltaic arrays.
Höft Höft


April 2014 - Innovation meets Experience – Serbot sets new standards in the world of Building Maintenance Units

Serbot significantly extends its solution offering in the field of Building Maintenance Units:
Since April 2014, key employees from the former Swiss company PK-Küpfer AG strengthen the Serbot team and extend the know how around BMU solutions. This know how includes more than 30 years of experience in consulting, project management and implementation as well as more than 800 references worldwide. This important step consolidates the Swiss knowledge in BMU solutions under one roof and combines it with the automated cleaning system GEKKO Facade – Innovation meets Experience!
Serbot is able to provide the most comprehensive, economic and sustainable solution to their customers thanks to the vast treasure trove of experience. From the conventional BMU over a complex, customized system up to the full automated facade cleaning solution…everything is possible. Give us a try - Our application specialists are glad to consult you in the best way.

Read more in the technical details here


March 2014 – The first GEKKO Solar operation in Italy

Serbot delivers the first GEKKO Solar cleaning system for solar panels to Italy. The cleaning entrepreneur Giovanni di Ruggerio from the company Foton Technology in Teramo is already operating successfully in cleaning of solar panels.
For an efficient and highest quality cleaning of the big roof installations, he decided to invest in a GEKKO Solar. He expects a doubling of the surface to be cleaned without hiring any additional staff as well as the maximum work safety for his employees



January 2014 – Successful product demonstration on one of the world’s largest utility scale PV systems in the Central Valley California, US

The dimensions are enormous when there are several large 100MW PV systems: there are only solar panels as far as the eye can see. If these dimensions are now combined with a dry and dusty region, the reduction of power production by contamination is predictable. Therefore, it is not surprising when the plant constructor is already on a look-out for an efficient cleaning solution. The GEKKO Solar was used as a demo- device to prove the efficiency and water conservation. After a comparative measurement, the results are promising and the existing contamination was completely eliminated.
The plant owner has now been offered a GEKKO Solar farm solution with 3 brushes to achieve maximum cleaning capacity in addition to the efficiency.


January 2014 – Serbot at Facades Design and Delivery Summit in San Francisco

IQPC’s 6th Facades Design & Delivery Summit is a global event that unites architects, engineers, curtain wall designers, real estate owners, property developers and facility managers in their quest to ensure the profitability and quality assurance of facade construction projects. Serbot introduces its unique solution for automated cleaning of building facades to this professional audience: GEKKO Facade.
Facades Design and Delivery


News 2013

November 2013 GEKKO Facade as the cover story at CleanMiddleEast

In the November issue of the prestigious cleaning journal Clean Middle East, the GEKKO Facade is presented as a promising alternative to conventional cleaning solutions. Read the full article here.

Cover Clean Middle East Nov 2013

November 2013 – Serbot at the Big5 International Building and Construction Show in Dubai from 25th-28th

For the first time Serbot presented the automated cleaning system for building facades to a wide audience at the Big 5 in Dubai. The visitors were impressed and very interested in the innovative solution. During the many lively discussions increased security at the building and reduced service costs were the top issues. Serbot exhibited in the official Swiss Pavilion in cooperation with Swiss Global Enterprises.

Big 5 Big 5

November 2013 – Product demonstration of the GEKKO Facade at Meydan Hotel in Dubai

Prior to the Big 5 exhibition, Serbot has conducted a product demonstration at Meydan Hotel in Dubai. The previously invited guests were able to get an idea of the capabilities of the unique cleaning system for building facades. The demonstration was realised in cooperation with the service provider Dussmann Services. Serbot and Dussmann Services also performed together at the Big 5 in Dubai as partners under the following motto: United in Innovation - Cleaning by Serbot and Dussmann. Read more in the press release here.

Demo Dubai Demo Dubai

November 2013 – Cleaning operation with GEKKO Solar at PV plant in Berlin

Serbot accompanied Bernd Bauereiss, PV cleaning entrepreneur from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, to a cleaning operation in Berlin. The system is installed at a farm to a total of 13 different roofs. The system was installed two years ago and was not cleaned until now. The plant operator was about to determine the contamination level and to evaluate whether a cleaning was really worthwhile. Therefore, a roof was selected with the intention to perform a comparative measurement with an identical roof after cleaning. The first data are very confident and an increase in yield for up to 33% is expected. This would mean for a 1 MWp installation at a feed-in tariff of 0.25 EUR a solid earnings increase of 82,500 EUR. Currently the data are evaluated in detail. In spring it will be decided whether the entire system should be cleaned or not. With such first results, this decision is probably a mere form. We will report more in detail about this as soon as the final data are available. The videos for cleaning are published on Serbot's YouTube Page

Berlin Bauereiss Berlin Bauereiss


Oktober 2013 – Serbot at the Big5 International Building and Construction Show in Dubai from November 25th to 28th, 2013

Serbot presents for the first time the automated cleaning system GEKKO Facade to a broad audience at the Big5 Show in Dubai. Prior to the exhibition, Serbot plans a live product demonstration in Dubai to show case the performance of this innovative facade cleaning system. Serbot exhibits at the official Swiss Pavilion in cooperation with Switzerland Global Enterprise.
the big 5

September 2013 – Demonstration GEKKO Solar at EDF ENR Solaire at Lyon, France.

Demo Lyon See the video. Click here

EDF ENR (Eléctricité de France Enérgies Nouvelles Réparties) is the largest operator of PV-roof systems and occupies a leading position among the largest solar energy providers of the world. Although small- and very small systems generate only a fraction of solar power, EDF ENR distinguishes itself in this area with the professionalization of the PV-systems-management. EDF ENR expressly recommends its affiliated operators of roof systems a functional check of the air and cleaning of the PV- panels at regular intervals. Here EDF ENR specifically points to the cleaning with (our) cleaning robots both for quality- as well as for safety reasons. see for yourself EDF ENR substantiated the seriousness of their efforts this autumn with a specially arranged press conference in Lyon, which, in addition to the helicopter drones from StudioFly made a good figure of GEKKO Solar. Read more...


September 2013 – Gekko Facade Demonstration in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Demo Jeddah Demo Jeddah Demo Jeddah

Serbot has been invited by the local representative for a demonstration of the newly developed GEKKO Facade. Numerous interested persons attended the demonstrations in Jeddah. At outdoor temperature partially above 45 ° C GEKKO Facade prooved its skills. Read more...

September 2013 – Rollout GEKKO Facade at Serbot in Buochs, Switzerland

GEKKO Facade
The pre-production model of the GEKKO Facade has demonstrated its abilities at the site of Serbot in Buochs in early September. Read more…


September 2013 – Gekko Solar delivery on Elektro Kass, Hessen/Germany

The versatile master electrician and photovoltaic specialist Martin Kass from Borken not only sells solar panels to his customers and mounts them, but he also offers a high-quality cleaning and maintenance service for quality-conscious clients.

With a GEKKO Solar, Mr. Kass prepares himself for the future in solar sytem service. We congratulate him for this decision and wish him and his staff numerous loyal clientele that know how to appreciate the comprehensive, quality-conscious service.


August 2013 – The GEKKO-Family grows: Successful test runs of GEKKO Facade at Serbot in Buochs/Switzerland

GEKKO Facade GEKKO Facade

The development of the Gekko- variant for automatic facade cleaning was completed with several successful test runs in Buochs. Two efficient working principles have emerged for the GEKKO Facade:

Safety and supply of the GEKKO from top to bottom with a Monorail system or with a mobile system in combination with a boom lift as shown in the picture. In this version the safety system is on top and the supply unit is place on the bottom.

Featuring a wide array of versatile, high-performance offers.


July 2013 – Serbot at Intersolar North America in San Francisco

The solar industry is booming in North America. Particularly large free-field solar parks are increasingly being erected in the sunny parts of the country. Serbot has successfully positioned itself at the most important trade fair on the continent and has presented its products to an interested audience.Many important contacts were made which testify to a great interest in the cleaning of solar panels. Especially the Gekko Solar Farm, the specific cleaning system for large free-field solar parks, stood at the centre of interests.

intersolar usa 2013 intersolar usa 2013
Intersolar North America


June 2013 – Beer Cleaning Service expands into the cleaning of photovoltaic systems

After several months of consideration, the cleaning entrepreneur from Munich Adolf Beer has decided to extend its services to the cleaning of solar panels.


He makes this endeavour by taking a GEKKO Solar from the house of Serbot. Mr. Beer could now directly take the device to his home from Intersolar in Munich. We sincerely thank him again for allowing us to retain the device for the exhibition.

June 2013 – Serbot at Intersolar Europe in Munich

Repeatedly, Serbot was a part of the world's most important fair for the solar industry. As a co-exhibitor with the company Belectric, a global leader in the solar industry, a good positioning was achieved. An increasingly important business area of Belectric is the operation and maintenance of installations. Here, efficient and thorough cleaning systems for solar panels constitute an important component. Particularly in Germany, many roofs are equipped with solar systems. So it was not surprising that the GEKKO Solar met with a great interest. Many entrepreneurs have recognized the problem of contaminated solar panels and have involved in the cleaning of photovoltaic systems. Serbot offers them the appropriate tools for that.

intersolar europe 2013 intersolar europe 2013

Intersolar Europe


May 2013 – PV- Magazine article about the necessity of solar panel cleaning

A comprehensive article about the necessity of solar panel cleaning was published in the May edition of PV Magazine. The article focused on large installations and described various systems. The GEKKO products from Serbot were introduced as an ideal and efficient solution. March 2013 – NI Days 2013March 2013: Serbot was invited by the company National Instruments (NI) to present the GEKKO cleaning robot to a broad audience at this year’s NI Days 2013 in Zürich, Switzerland. The participants were impressed by the functionality of the robot and the advanced, practical application of the NI product range.GEKKO Solar, the mobile cleaning robot for solar panels, was also exhibited to the interested audience. The presentation from Chris Odermatt, Senior SW Engineer at Serbot was rewarded with the third place on the Best Paper Award 2013.

NI Days 2013 NI Days 2013


March 2013- Product Demonstration with GEKKO Solar in Doha, Qatar

Serbot AG was invited to Doha, Qatar, to prove the efficiency and effectiveness of the solar panel cleaning robot GEKKO Solar. The solar power plant is installed on the roof top of the Qatar National Convention Center in Doha, which hosted the UN Climate Change Conference in 2012. The attendees were impressed by the performance and ease of use of the GEKKO Solar. Read more...




January 2013 – Article in Construction Week online

After the participation in the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, various newspaper and television reports about Serbot appeared, including one in Construction Week online. You can read the article here January 2013 - World Future Energy SummitSerbot successfully participated in the World Future Energy Summitin Abu Dhabi. It was an excellent platform to meet customers and experts from the solar industry and to discuss potential solutions for cleaning solar panels. Serbot was together with the Canton Nidwalden Business Development a part of the official Swiss pavilion.There was especially great interest in the live demonstration of the GEKKO Solar, the solution for cleaning solar panels on roof top installations.

World Future Energy Summit 2013 World Future Energy Summit 2013


News 2012

November 2012 - Galileo features the GEKKO robots

The ProSeven Knowledge-Magazin Galileo in the german television broadcasted an interesting report about the GEKKO cleaning robots from Serbot. Watch the report here and now.


September 2012 – Serbot presents new cleaning solution for utility scale solar power plants

Together with Belectric – a leading photovoltaic system integrator – the technology company Serbot AG has developed a cleaning robot which it has presented to the general public for the first time. Read more…


Intersolar 2012

As in the years before could you see our robots at the Intersolar in Munich

Intersolar 2012 Intersolar 2012

Bernd Baurereiss Raumdesign

Our customer Bauereiss GmbH is successfully using the newest generation of our GEKKO Solar Robots.The GEKKO Solar considerably increases the cleaning capacity of his enterprise. They use our robot in combination with their existing systems to guarantee a maximum of customer satisfaction.


News 2011

Intersolar 2011

At the Intersolar did you have the opportunity to see the GEKKO Solar at work, cleaning solar-panels. The surface was provided by our partner BELECTRIC. They offer our robots to complete their all around product portfolio.The growth of the photovoltaic surfaces is enormous and everyone sees solar power on the rise. Because of that are lots of enterprises looking for cleaning solutions for their solar panels, be it a small roof or a several megawatt power plant. Our mobile robots seem to fit the bill perfectly, because of their mobility and outstanding cleaning performance.The surge in interest in our robots at the trade fair was accordingly overwhelming.

Intersolar 2011 Intersolar 2011


Hannover Messe 2011

As in the years before was the Serbot AG participated once more at the trade fair in Hannover, the Hannover Messe. The clever mobile robots received a lot of attention and many visitors were amazed by their unusual abilities and unique design.

Hannover 2011 Hannover 2011 Hannover 2011


News 2010

NZZ Format

The Swiss TV program NZZ Format made a broadcast about the intelligence and movement of mobile robots. They talk about developments in robot technology and future applications of it. Our enterprise and the GEKKO robots were featured in the second part of the broadcast.A part of the broadcast can you see (in German) here:

Neue Luzerner Zeitung

The NLZ newspaper in Switzerland published an article about the Serbot AG in it's issue from the 2. february 2010. The text is in German and contains parts of an interview with our CEO Anton Niederberger.You can find the original german text here.

Clean Middle East

The newest model of the GEKKO got presented in Dubai. Dubai - January 2010 In an article of the magazine Clean Middle East got our robots featured and promoted. The magazine also informed about our presentation of the GEKKO in Dubai in January and talked about their use in the United Arabian Emirates. Read more... Robot Delivery, August 18th, 2010Four of our GEKKO robots got delivered to our customers in Germany. On this occasion, a photo with the engineers and mechanics af Serbot AG was taken.

Robot Delivery 2010 Robot Delivery 2010


Intersolar 2010

To satisfy the increased interest in our cleaning solutions, did we decide to participate at the Intersolar 2010 and to promote our GEKKO robots as high quality cleaning solutions for solar panels.

Intersolar 2010


Hannover Messe 2010

The trade fair was full of ups and downs. On the one hand was it very successful, as the reception of our facade cleaning robots (the GEKKO Facade and the CleanAnt Junior) was considerably better than predicted. The exhibition featured our robots as part of the "Mobile Robots & Autonomous Systems" presentation.

On the other hand were some of our customers held up by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull. Despite this sudden hazard were we still able to set up our stand in time and with some interested parties were appointments made for private viewings of our mobile robots.

Hannover 2010 Hannover 2010
Hannover 2010 Hannover 2010


News 2009

Hannover Messe 2009

The first time the Serbot AG is at the Hannover Messe. We presenting our robot the CleanAnt and the GEKKO Profi to the public.

Hannover 2009 Hannover 2009