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GEKKO Solar Farm Roboter

GEKKO Solar Farm Robot

Cleaning Robot for Utility Scale PV Plants

  • The GEKKO Solar Farm robot is designed for utility scale solar farms. Whose challenges are the dimensions; an automated cleaning solution is a must. Pollution is a matter of economy much more important than for PV plants of residentials.
  • With an efficiency of up to 2000 m2 per hour the robot is very powerful. It's cleaning quality is excellent, due to rotating brushes and demineralised water.
  • The robot can be adapted to different widths of panel rows; the number of brushes and the bracket can easily be reduced.
  • The GEKKO Solar Farm works up to inclinations of 30°. It's able to surmount obstacles of 60 cm in width. The user operates it with radio and joystick.
  • The optional supply car makes the robot independent: power supply, pressured air and water are integrated into the car. A crane moves the robot from one panel row to the other.
  • This big robot also operates on the basis of the GEKKO principle.


0'000 m2/h
Cleaning capacity
0'000'000 m2 / year
Cleaning area

Advantages & Benefits

  • Convincing productivity: up to 2000 m2 per hour
  • No additional installations: robot uses panels itself
  • Variable cleaning width: number of brushes selectable
  • Easy handling: with radio and joystick
Applications & Pictures
Supply Car & Options


GEKKO Solar Farm in action

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