Facade Cleaning

cleaning building facades


We think so! The possibilities of architecture are almost endless. Traditional facade cleaning methods, however, are limited. This calls for innovative solutions.

Worldwide, there are more than 80,000 multistory buildings with over 12 stories. Over 30% of them have glass facades. Cleaning these from hand is time-intensive and exposes cleaning personnel to considerable risk. In addition, there are many surfaces that are difficult to access and can’t be cleaned at all.

The costs for a facade cleaning depend on many factors, including the characteristics of the facade, total area, interval between cleanings, labor costs, etc. The average cost of cleaning one square meter is often defined to be about 8-9 EUR. A typical building with 12,000m2 costs about 100,000EUR per cleaning2). The use of an automated cleaning robot can substantially reduce these costs.

With the cleaning robot GEKKO, Serbot offers an outstanding solution to help you respond to these challenges. The cleaning robot can be easily integrated into current installations of existing buildings. Ideally however, the cleaning concept is included in the plan at the beginning of the project.

In addition, the robot can be deployed from a lifting platform, such as a cherry picker. This variation is well suited for cleaning firms who want to offer an automated service.

To complement the cleaning robot, Serbot offers traditional building maintenance units in all variations as well. These systems have been proven reliable in widespread use on various buildings in the world.

The combination of robots and building maintenance units under one roof is unique, and only offered by Serbot.


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